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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Walk of Shame

This post is inspired by something I saw on the 6 o'clock news today. The Annual "Walk with Israel" took place in Toronto today. According to the Toronto Sun, "thousands turned out for the 44th United Jewish Appeal for Greater Toronto's Walk for Israel" (Read more here:

My question is: Don't these people know that Israel receives $3 billion per year from the US? It doesn't need any more financial support, let alone support of any kind! Maybe they do know, maybe they don't. If they do, then they are blinded by Israel's lies any time it opens its mouth. Lies about the occupation, lies about the illegal settlements, lies about the illegal siege on Gaza, lies about the attacks on the flotilla, lies about wanting to establish peace with the Palestinians, lies about wanting to be a partner for peace and security. All lies.

If anyone has watched the speech Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made at AIPAC 2011, he made it perfectly clear that any talks for peace will not be made based on 1967 lines. Not only that, but according to him, Palestinians must recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Oh, but that's not all. Any future Palestinian state must be "de-militarized". That's being hypocritical much. You know, since considering that Israel receives more than $1 billion per year in military aid alone.

Netanyahu isn't giving Palestinians much to work with here. How can anyone expect Palestinians to negotiate with a madman who demands to set out all the rules? Not gonna happen. 

But anyway, back to the Walk with Israel. I'm probably lumping all these people together but I don't care: Anyone who supports Israel blindly supports its policies of genocide against Palestinians, supports its illegal acts against international law & supports its attacks against humanity at large. 

These supporters in Toronto have sadly been blinded by Israel's many lies. Maybe if they see Israeli soldiers in action they would change their mind? Maybe. Maybe not.

Or... maybe if these Israeli supporters lived 1 day in the shoes of Palestinians who live in the West Bank or Gaza, they would change their outlook in a heartbeat. Until then... they will continually be proud to partake in the "Walk of Shame" aka "Walk with Israel." 

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