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Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Day, Another Struggle

It was 2AM in this morning. As I tried to fall asleep, the attempt failed. I had too many thoughts whirling around in my head so I grabbed a pen and paper and started to write....

63 years. 63 years of longing. 63 years since you've been uprooted from your homeland, 63 years... and still waiting to go back home.

"Israel" claims it came to a land without a people for a people without a land. Palestinians though have been living in their homeland years before 1948. Plenty of photographs and videos prove this. But those aren't needed when all the proof you need is to see the hundreds of thousands Palestinian refugees who  still hold on to the keys to their homes.

"Israel" claims that the land known as Palestine is their God-given land. I say that God would condemn any action that expels hundreds of thousands from their homes without just case.

And not only that, but thousands- hundreds of thousands- being killed just because they happen to be Palestinian.

How does someone try to justify expelling so many people, killing so many people & oppressing so many people? Simple: "God gave me this land."

All someone has to do is open & read any religious book, whether its the Torah, Psalms, Bible or Qur'an and that argument can be refuted it.

It is not the land that makes anyone holy, but one's deeds.- Salman al-Farsi

There needs to be better enforcement of International Law. The UN needs to be made more effective and a few rules need to be changed. First of all, no country can be given veto power status. Everything the UN claims it stands for becomes useless if one country is given much more power than all the rest.

"Israel" cannot be shown any more favouritism. The US must stop given "Israel" $3 billion/year in aid- more than that of the whole continent of Africa.

"Israel" must stop feeding the world lies of Iran's nuclear enrichment- especially considering that its own nuclear has never been inspected by world bodies. The pot should stop calling the kettle black

"Israel" must stop repeating the same old-broken record of "we have the right to defend ourself". If it has the right to defend itself- and receiving $3B/year in aid to build checkpoints, walls, fences & an Iron Dome to fend off Hamas "home-made bombs/rockets"- then shouldn't Palestinians- who have been terrorized, oppressed, placed under a blockade & stripped of basic fundamental human rights- have the right to do the same?

"Israel" must stop attacking AID SHIPS on International waters & then later claiming that the aid activists are terrorists.

More importantly, world leaders must stop being so blind to the tryst and injustice of the Palestinians. 63 years is far too long. Silence is synonymous with betrayal and indifference to injustice.

Nakba- 63 years and still on going. The world must not let it go on for 64.

Never Forgive, Never Forget </3

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