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Friday, May 20, 2011

Israel & India: Partners in Occupation

The secret relationship between Israel and India is rarely discussed. But here on this blog, no secret will remain buried. It's time to unravel this sinister relationship between these two terror states that inflict pain and suffering on Palestinians and Kashmiris, respectively.

Only 2 years after Israel declared its independence, 2 years after the Nakba, India recognized Israel as a sovereign state. It was years later, much later, that India first established a relationship with Israel in 1992. India only waited so long to recognize Israel because, at first, it was sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. Considering that India was a founding member of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) which was supportive of anti-colonial struggles around the world, it only made sense that India also recognized and supported the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). So this begs the question: if India is so sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, why did it establish a strong relationship with Israel?

India had an ulterior movement for initially being pro-Palestine and anti-Israel. India had its own worry of Pakistan’s influence in the Arab world, in addition to safeguarding its oil supplies from Arab countries. It also ensured jobs for thousands of Indians in the Gulf, helping India to keep its foreign exchange reserves afloat. India and Israel however were on opposite sides during the Cold War, with Israel supporting the US and India sympathizing with the Soviet Union.

The Congress Party in India, which was the dominant force in Indian politics since India’s independence in 1947, opposed Israel because it viewed it as being similar to Pakistan—a state based on religion. This hampered growth of Indo-Israeli ties in the immediate aftermath of India’s independence.

Regardless of that, there was a close relationship between Israel’s Mossad and India’s intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing). Israel never hesitated to come to India’s defense, publicly and strongly, in most of India’s major conflicts.

Here comes a shocker: former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon paid a visit to India in September 2003. This step showed that the relationship between the two states became stronger. Their relationship was mainly driven by the threats of terrorism that both countries felt threatened their sovereignty. After the 9/11 attacks, both nations realized the importance of co-operating on a larger scale to counter terrorism.

Both countries face have a large Muslim population that both countries consider a threat. Calls for the liberation of Palestine and Kashmir within their states have pushed both countries closer to one another.

The declaration signed during Sharon’s visit to India condemned individuals and states that aid terrorism across borders and give refuge to terrorists. India views Israel as a source for providing training to its personnel in the fight against terrorism and Israel is more than willing to offer India both material and moral support in this regard. [1]

In 2009, Israel became India’s biggest defense supplier.

In a deal completed in 2009, Delhi had signed a US$1.4 billion deal with Israel to purchase a 70 kilometer shore-based and sea borne anti-missile air defense system. According to an official, the total value of the deal was over $2 billion, with one portion valued at $600 million being hived off to the state-controlled Defense Research and Development Organization. This deal pushed Israel to be India’s biggest defense supplier ahead of Russia. [2]

Even more recently, February 21, 2011, it was reported that The Indian Air Force and the Israeli weapons manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems are set to sign a major contract in March 2011. [3]

What else will these two countries exchange next.. Torture tactics? Occupation 101?

Both India and Israel face criticisms in their occupations of Kashmir and Palestine. Both countries also see the resistance from Kashmiris and Palestinians as being “illegitimate” & the tools of a foreign aggressor (Pakistan for Kashmir and Iran or Syria for Palestine). Not only that, but both countries also have widespread abuses of human rights, and the Israeli public's general apathy about or hostility towards Palestinian self-determination is surpassed by the domestic discussion in India, where Kashmiri self-determination isn't even an issue, though pacifying Kashmir and securing the border with Pakistan is. [4] 


For more information on Israel-India's increasing relationship, watch this video:

For a more in-depth analysis of India & Israel's relationship in Occupation, read the link below:



  1. Great read...!! Keep it it Roda xD

  2. Frank Tamimi KahnJuly 7, 2011 at 1:47 AM

    Thank you for following me on Twitter especially because it has made me aware of your blog. This is a supremely important article which I will share on FB & Twitter!

  3. Thanks for the comment Adeel.
    Thanks for the comment Frank. Appreciate the feedback. This definitely isn't shown in the media so people need to educate themselves on such matters.

  4. Hahaa.............India a terror state!! lol.. am sure u r muslim from Pakistan or some other 'terrorized' nation. Amazing u managed to find such great "top secret" truth which the world media conveniently overlooked!!!great perception! Do u evn kno the country u r bull shitting about?? Go to Kashmir talk to ppl and then write........if u want to rubbish some nation then do so, but at least be sane enough to get your facts straight !!
    -btw am a proud muslim Indian !

  5. Anonymous: First of all, you say you're Muslim. So, there's no need for all this asabiyyah business. Nationalism. It's rotten.
    Second of all, it's a fact: Kashmir is the most militarized place on earth. Indian troops act like Zionists in Palestine.. terrorizing civilians and killing them in cold blood.

  6. @Anonymous.... you are living in a wonderland, submerged in the falsehoods fed to you by the big mouths of the media.... If you had spared a second in your life to hear what is to be heard and to see what is to be seen regarding kashmir and the people of kashmir, you wouldn't have dared to laugh at the cries of these oppressed...
    and BTW, I know the country I am speaking about I am also a muslim, and I am proud for being one... not being an indian, because I know, nationalism is from the roots of the same tree - kufr

  7. A proud kashmiri buddhistMarch 5, 2013 at 1:44 PM

    I am buddhist and my family is from the kashmir valley. We have had to leave India since the insurgency began but can you answer me one thing - if muslims are the target, then why is it that muslims, hindus and sikhs have virtually disappeared from the state? If u're so blinded by religion to stand up for anything that you define as a "muslim cause"...then God help u, 'coz I as a human being sure ain't and trust me, most of my friends are still Indian muslims (yes, even outside of india!!) and they would anyday prefer to live in India than pakistan or any arab country - just go to bombay and see for yourself and then visit kashmir

  8. always a proud kashmiri buddhistMarch 5, 2013 at 1:46 PM

    Typo - that was buddhist, hindus and sikhs have dissappeared from kashmir valley!!