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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moved by Faith

How can I feel happiness when I can hear
the children's cries from Iraq and Afghanistan
from Palestine and Kashmir
from Chechyna and Somalia

How can I sleep soundly at night when I know
the strife and struggle of my brethren in Libya and Syria
My brethren in Bosnia and Lebanon

How can I say that the world's a peaceful place
when I hear the sad, entrenched grief of mothers who lost their sons
Of wives who lost their husbands to wars
Of children who lost their parents to persecution

How can I be happy knowing that tomorrow
a child in Africa may breathe their last because of starvation?

How can I laugh till tears flow down my cheeks
When my Mujahideen brethren are killed fighting for liberation
when my brothers and sisters are persecuted for no reason other than
believing in the Almighty

O, what shame I feel,
I truly have failed thee O my brethren...

O Almighty, hear my plead
please bring Sakinah [tranquillity] to the oppressed
Replace their grief with joy
And their tears with laughter
And their oppression with freedom!

O the Almighty who hears all prayers!
please bring mankind back to Your Straight Path.
Fill this world with justice and tranquillity
as before this, it was filled with oppression and tyranny

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