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Monday, April 11, 2011

France: Burqa Ban

With over 25 000 rapes a year in France,
Sarkozy decides to ban the Burqa

The justification Sarkozy puts forward for the ban on the burqa is as follows:
"Imprisonment behind a mesh . . . is not the French republic's idea of women's dignity".

That justification already is incorrect. 

First of all, what classifies as women's dignity? If that question were to be posed to people, there is no doubt that everyone will have a different definition of what that would mean. Second of all, you, Mr Sarkozy, are not a woman so you cannot explain to women what a woman's dignity consists of or means. This question should be posed to women to receive their comments and feedback on what it means for them. It is similar to asking a man how does it feel to wear a hijab. He cannot answer that because a man does not wear the head covering. You can ask that man's wife, daughter, sister or aunt, and then you will have your answer.

Second of all: Western ideas of "freedom of religion and expression" apply to ALL persons and not just to a selected group. By specifically targeting a small minority of women who themselves choose to wear the face veil, this infringes on the very ideas that France claims to uphold: individualism and dignity. France is setting up the stage for other countries to do the same.

This is not protecting human dignity; rather it is Islamophobic and it is anti-Muslim.

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